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‘Transition from cutting edge curiosity to practical work horse’-is what many new-gen stack development technologies promise. But very few are able to live up to it and drive the challenge. Of all the options which exist, one reliable option which occurs to most start-ups and enterprises is MEAN Stack Development. Perhaps this is what explains the cause why so many are hiring a MEAN Stack Development Company for their web and mobile app development operations.

If you are someone who has little know-hows about the rudiments of MEAN Stack as well as the benefits of hiring its service providers, then you have landed at the right blog. Read on and enlighten yourself!


MEAN Stack Development Company

What top companies mean by their MEAN services?

Simply putting it, MEAN is a horde of JavaScript Technologies which makes way for effective and countable web and mobile applications. It’s an accumulation of 4 popular web development frameworks!

High-end companies include in their MEAN services-


A NOSQL database, this framework makes use of JSON documents for proper representation of data. There is no existence of SQL database and choosing MongoDB means you are maintaining consistency by using just a single language for the entire process.


Primarily an HTTP server for developing web applications, it presents users essential modules and components to function on a common web task.

Providing you with a simple interface, it gives you the liberty to carry out end point requests and also handle your cookies.

Plus, it also enables easy REST routes, handles HTTP headers and supports Connect middleware with its plug-in sync functions for managing reactions and requests.


It’s a top-notch framework for developing intricate client-oriented apps using a data binding user-interface and modular code. It also serves utility when creating single page apps with MVC architecture.


This is also an open source cross platform put to use for developing durable and web applications.

Prior to execution, it compiles java script to its built-in machine code and also supports intuitive JavaScript libraries and modules making it highly supportive for easy and real-time applications.

Hopefully, now you have a fair idea about what is MEAN stack. Now let’s move over to the pros of hiring a good MEAN service provider. Keep on reading…!

Pros of Hiring a Good MEAN Stack Development Company

Upscale companies will surely include all these afore mentioned web development frameworks as their primary MEAN services.

But along with that they will also present some perks such as-

1. Cloud Compatibility

Top notch MEAN service providers ensure adequate cloud compatibility. And they do that through their optimal MongoDB functionality.

Their highly skillful technicians implement M of MEAN and spread it across the client server cluster offering ample failure support and auto replication.

2. Codes isomorphic in nature

A MEAN Stack Development Company gives you flexible MEAN-oriented apps. You will find coding very easy as they make use of similar JavaScript for the app.

If anything, top companies send out only one of their technicians to manage your complete project. Whether it’s moving from NodeJS to AngularJS, their technician will be able to manage it without headaches.

3. Apps supportive of MVC architecture

With the use of MEAN stack framework, these experts develop applications with faster loading time. They do this with the use of Model-View Controller architecture and integrate it within your app with the JavaScript framework.

4. Usage of high-end tools and technology

Another great benefit of hiring a MEAN stack development company they bring into their development process, the latest industry specific tools and technology apart from MEAN JS and Meteor. Some of the other high-end software which they bring into usage includes-

    • Apache, Ruby, and MySQL- for back end operations
    • HTML5, Ajax, XML, CSS3 and JSON – to carry out front-end tasks
    • And UI, UX, and Photoshop for performing upscale designing

However, that’s not all. Top-class MEAN developers also present

      • Adequate protection to all your important data
      • They ensure prompt and continuous communication all the time
      • Optimal quality and security of products with flexibility in hiring models
      • And daily reporting via written or oral interaction for your robust web and mobile app development

If MEAN is good, so is LAMP? But which is better in comparison?

This is a common subject which has been a subject of debate for a long time now! And though both MEAN and LAMP is had its individual high-points, in a recent survey it was found MEAN to be winning slightly in this popularity contest.

Does it mean an end to LAMP? Obviously not! It is still high in popularity in the web development circuitry. But in comparison MEAN in many ways proves to be an apt option for numerous start-ups businesses and enterprises.

What makes MEAN a better option?

Experts state that MEAN out-weighs LAMP simply by the fact that its JAVA script code is reusable by various servers as well as end-users.

Employing such JavaScripts for back as well as front end makes life very easy extremely easy to swap and switch between them. The entire workflow homogenizer giving developers the liberty to function on apps as a whole.

It is a fact that changing from PHP to Python and then utilizing HTML and JavaScripts is very daunting.

Most developers have a soft corner towards JavaScripts, and henceforth they recommend MEAN stacks as a more effective option to go with.

They also add choosing MEAN over LAMP allows the advantage of speedy data retrievals and flexibility in arrangements.

MEAN does more Meaningful stuff for your Business!

After going through all this, it is safe to declare that MEAN is the more adequate option for you. So without thinking too much into its variable options, simply look up online and find out a reliable MEAN Stack service companies for your business.

To know the best names, you can check out online reviews and make your own short list.

      • Once you have the 5 best options, conduct manual scrutiny by paying their website visitations and checking out their services.
      • Also, eyeball their years of experience in MEAN stack development operations and the number of clients they have served over their servitude.
      • For more closure, you can use their contact details and have a word with their representative, lay down your app requirements and affirm if they are competent enough to help you out.

Options concerning a MEAN stack development company are available in plenty. So you will not find scarcity in options. Simply make use of these choosing tips and hire one immediately.

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Ask any web developer and you will get the answer that no website is complete without an efficient database. The website which you see is just its front end, but there’s lot running in its back end. Databases come in the form of stack, queue or similar frames. However, with the introduction of Express DB, AngularJS, MongoDB and NodeJS, the necessity to hire a MEAN stack development company is on the rise. So, read through the following section and receive a deeper insight on the reasons for choosing MEAN stack as a preferable development approach.

MEAN Stack – grasping the intricacies

A simple collection of JavaScript technologies, MEAN has become the primary tool for creating realizable web applications. MEAN is an acronym for four major frameworks – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. JavaScript forms the basis of this approach which extends from clients to the servers as well as its database.

To under why should one hire MEAN stack developer, one must focus on its trivial four first.

  • MongoDB specializes in saving data through binary JSON format. This renders it as a schema less database management system that does not incorporate the use of SQL.
  • The most fundamental use of Express is to build single and multi-page web applications. It is a lightweight framework that develops web applications through Node.
  • Two-way Data Binding makes AngularJS special. Out and out a JavaScript framework, it supports significant front end development.
  • Node.js helps in building concurrent and high scalable applications through Chrome’s V8 runtime environ.

mean stack development company

Why MEAN stack? 7 Reasons Why

Having mentioned the above factors, let’s chalk down some reasons for contacting a MEAN stack development company for your project.

1. Build with JavaScript

JavaScript forms the basis of all development technologies. It runs on the client side, thereby facilitating users to reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage. This in turn renders performance of web pages increasing its efficiency. Moreover, JavaScript lets developers incorporate the benefits of HTML and CSS3 on its platform. This helps in rapid method call and stack implementation which in turn reduces a website’s loading time.

2. Generate Isomorphic code with MEAN

With MEAN, the benefits of JavaScript are not limited to the client side but can be extended to the server side as well. For instance, if your developer generates a code with Node, but realizes AngularJS to be a better runtime platform; MEAN will allow him/her to transfer this code while keeping its functions almost same. This highly flexible and versatile nature makes it necessary to hire a MEAN stack developer.

3. One code Multiple associations

When you choose to develop a website for your online venture, you will require a PHP and JavaScript expert for your front end. While for the back end, you will require a SQL specialist at the least. Contrary to this dual requisites, MEAN stack accommodates JavaScript for every segment of its operation.

Since, it incorporates, MongoDB, a developer can manage all database with this tool. Similarly, inclusion of Node.js and ExpressJS makes it possible for a developer to indulge in front end design of highly scalable and efficient web applications.

4. The language of JSON

Both ExpressJS and Node.js are proficient in communication through JSON. This allows data and functions to flow seamlessly from one layer to the other without the need for reformatting or rewriting. In contrast to PHP or MYSQL (which speaks through different languages); the solitary lingual approach of JSON makes implementing external API’s an easier task. Functions of GET, POST, manipulate or present all work under one roof with a competent MEAN stack development company.

5. Efficiency of Node.js

What stands out here is Node.js’s event driven architecture. Recent statistics are showing that it renders a database even faster than the Apache server. The optimum loading time for a page is 2-3 seconds on Google. Beyond that, it escalates bounce rate. So, your website will load up faster thereby preventing any unprecedented visitor bounce.

6. AngularJS is humane

The intricacies of AngularJS incorporate the in-detail application of HTML and CSS. A pinch of JavaScript also finds use here which will help your website programmer to add those round edges and smooth ends as finishing touches. This also justifies your decision to hire MEAN stack developer for developing your enterprise’s virtual identity.

7. MongoDB to the rescue

In comparison to MYSQL or similar databases, MongoDB makes insert, update and delete a much easier task. You as an admin will be able to update entire tables of your database without the need to contact your development company. So, if you as a business owner are looking to take your services to the masses of the online world, then MEAN stack proves to the best option at this moment.

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Let’s make things simple. Consider a coffee mug. Whether you pour coffee or tea, there will always be a particular limit. If, by any chance, you want some more beverage, you either have to get a bigger mug or compromise on your desire. But can you do the same when you want your business to expand? Will you halt your company’s growth just because your database server is full? This is where MEAN stack development using MongoDB comes in.

What is MongoDB?

It’s free as well as open source and a cross-platform NoSQL software. MongoDB is that endless coffee mug that you can go on filling without having to worry about an overflow. Unlike relational databases that deal with a complex structure of tables and rows and columns, this document-oriented database involves a stack of documents.

Technically speaking, MongoDB stores information in the form of documents. It depends on the underlying structure of documents to extract information – a concept known as a key-value store. MEAN stack development using MongoDB allows you to handle a bulk of data with agility and make your database management more performance oriented.

MEAN stack development

Why choose MongoDB at all?

Certainly, the next question arises by go for this NoSQL program at all? Well, typically there are four main reasons –

1. Multiple servers –

Or five and more coffee mugs to satiate your hot beverage desire. MongoDB makes use of multiple servers to store your information. This enables you to expand without having to worry about an additional storage plant. Then again, with numbers come complexities. Here, a reputed MongoDB development company can help you out.

2. Cloud based –

Right! Again, no expensive servers and no complex data centers. All your data is uploaded into the cloud and saves you additional cost. MEAN stack development with MongoDB stores data in commodity servers, quite similar to these large e-commerce sites. Now imagine just the bulk of data they handle every day!

3. Open-source –

And this makes it even cheaper. It means almost any developer can develop, fix and maintain your whole database. You run into some trouble; all people need to do is contact the fathers or put a query in MongoDB forums. This allows a MongoDB Development Company to come up with your application in minimum time and gets your business online in no time.

4. Quick Response –

Which the company declares as their tagline – Agile! Being document oriented, access of data is way faster than the complex tabular network of a database management system. This makes your application “agile”, irrespective of the bulk of data that it is handling. Also, modeling data is simpler using MongoDB that increases productivity to a large extent.

Parting Words –

Most of the big names in the corporate world have moved to this high-functioning data management system. In this era of cloud, it really doesn’t make any sense to stick to huge servers and complex tables. MEAN stack development is taking huge steps forward and MongoDB might just be the perfect answer to unlocking the true potential of your expanding business. Shift to the cloud and join the team of big names. know more You can contact them at

Even after so many years that MEAN stack development has been in the IT industry; many businesses are still in doubt about its effectiveness. If you are planning to develop web applications for your company, full stack MEAN stack web development is the ‘next best tool’ today. It’s a whole collection of technologies based on JavaScript and is highly result oriented.

MEAN stack development

Benefits of MEAN stack development

The most significant benefits are its simplicity and a very conventional structure. But it brings along others as well.

1. It is flexible

It is highly flexible and easy to work on. If you want to add some personal information, you can simply do that just by adding a field to that form and following the next few procedures mentioned. MEAN stack allows us to test web applications after their development and host them in cloud quite conveniently.

2. Allows isomorphic coding

Now, what does that mean? Suppose, we are writing the code in one framework, we can easily place it in another framework. It will function in the same way. This makes this cutting age technology highly reliable, once again.

3. It’s JavaScript everywhere

The most important advantage of using this technology for your web apps is that in both client and server side, JavaScript is used for the entire coding. And this makes it a better choice than LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for developers.

Apart from these, MEAN is a cost effective option for businesses as you don’t have to hire separate programmers to work on various technologies. Most importantly, you can save a lot of time.

    • MEAN stack development used for web applications ensures better user experience. You can easily reach out to your potential target group.
    • Again, this reliable JavaScript developer helps to manage your data on their own. You don’t need to have them in any single format.
    • In the presence of schemas, data recovery becomes faster with MEAN.
    • It offers a higher capacity of handling your company’s data efficiently and safely.
    • Node.js in MEAN helps develop highly scalable applications that are likely to receive more web traffic.
    • With the web, companies can have a very powerful platform for their web applications.

Creating web applications using full stack MEAN stack development will reduce the hassle of manual tasks a lot. Once you hire experienced MEAN stack consulting services, the professionals will guide you with how this platform will help you to boost your company online.

Do you need a consulting service and developers?

Not everyone who claims to be professionals can develop result driven websites or apps. You need an experienced, reliable and trusted company like Aglowid IT Solutions. They have been successfully working with small to large companies, offering top notch solutions. In fact, if you want a more personalized service for your project, you can choose from their team and hire developers. They will solely work on your venture.

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