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If you have a business and a dream of making it big, you need to step it up to be a part of the future. This future is not in opening a separate store or outlet; it’s in taking the business online. You know all of this by now. But there are quite a few things which you might not know, things which you should integrate into whatever idea you have made so far about going online with us and mobile app development.

Technology is the future. You have to embrace to be ahead of the competition and make a brand of yourself. Jack Ma did it Ecommerce platforms and others followed suit. Whatever your product might be, going online will give you a larger consumer footprint and increase sales. But you need to be ahead. This is where including the latest technological trends mobile application or web development can give you the lead.

Here are a few things which might interest you, give you that edge over your peers. Incorporating these trends can make you the trendsetter. So, simply read on.

mobile app development

1. IoT is the Future

Internet of Things – where everything is connected to everything. Although everything is a long way to go even with the latest tech which can connect devices via automation, including humans into this thing is yet to come. But that’s not the point.

Mobile app development is a perfect example of IoT. The simple fact that a mobile device-based application can host your product and allow consumers to buy it, is IoT. Consumers are directly connected to the provider, i.e. you, via software on a computing device. The only aspect where any physical interchange occurs is where the consumer gets the product in hand. Teleportation is a long way off, but try imagining this 20 years back and you’ll get the point.

Technology has advanced beyond the presently imaginable future.

2. VPA or VCA (Virtual Customer Assistance) for mobile app development:

Run-of-the-mill mobile applications come with options. What if your mobile app integrates a set of functions to answer for every possible pre-requisite which the consumer might face?

VCA is just that. Mobile apps can integrate voice commands, but instead of going that further, the interface might come with added rich UI options. This is can easily make your mobile app stand out. And if you’re thinking that this is going to be too huge for your budget, well, think again as it’s already out there. Be the first in your industry sector to integrate VCA into your mobile application.

3. Cloud-First Strategies:

Web development comes with numerous added requirements which can add to your costs. This is especially if you have a website which needs to handle multiple net connections, i.e. work as a server. A higher number of viewers might lead to investing in a server. But not with cloud-first strategy.

Instead of hosting information on a server, you can use Cloud storage options with private access at a comparatively lower budget. Added accessibility comes for free. Interested?

And there’s loads more trending tech relating to the web and mobile app development to talk about. But these are the best ones to start things up for you. Don’t just host your business online, take it straight into the future with the tech trends.

The debate among app developers to take a side and to try to prove which is better has been going on for too long now. Just how do you choose between native and hybrid app development? While native gives you the world of better looks and enhanced user interface, hybrids come with the benefit of being multi-platform. This debacle was finally put to an end by Facebook a couple of years ago when they came up with React Native. Combining the best of both, reactJS development may just become the next best thing in mobile apps.

reactjs development

But why think Native at all?

A valid question in all respects! If you want an app to sell grocery products, it’s useless to pay a developer twice – once for an Android app and then for iOS. Both uses two sets of codes and although they are similar to a certain extent, it doesn’t reduce the time of development.

In came hybrid app development where a single code could be used on both platforms. But it also brought along a few technical glitches. Native apps made features like zooming or even accessing the GPS easy, but hybrids failed to incorporate these. So, hybrid apps started to lose out on user feel and the beam again started shifting to native ones.

React Native Mobile apps

React Native employs JSX, an extension of JavaScript which is a blend of both HTML and Java. The reason it escalated itself to the level of its current popularity is that it can take care of both Android and iOS platforms, keeping the native feel intact. ReactJS development keeps the underlying framework same and eliminates the necessity of learning two separate languages.

Plus, any web developer and shift to app development if it’s React Native. Web pages also use JavaScript combined with CSS and a few UI tags. And adding a cherry to this cake, app debugging can be done using our very own Chrome browser only.

Plus –

1. It minimizes coding time –

Writing code with Java or Objective-C can be hectic, especially due to its compilation process. For employing a single change, you will have to wait for the whole code to compile and reload the app. Things become frustrating if it’s just a font change.

Compilation of React Native Mobile Apps is real-time. Any change takes effect immediately and you do not have to take unwanted coffee breaks.

2. React Native has reusable components

To make matters simpler, reactJS development comes with counterparts that are used in Android and iOS. So, the apps build with this are incorporates the agility of native apps along with the speed and functionality.

And if you already have a hybrid app running, you can simply apply these React Native components to bring the best out. Apps built with Ionic and Cordova will allow you to do this transformation.

Finally –

As with any new technology, things keep getting better. Netflix is one huge example of reactJS development. You eliminate the tedious nature of native apps but get the same benefits. So, the next time you think of an app, turn to React Native. You will have things up and running in no time with superior functionalities. To know more, contact them at

Well, if you ask – what is the next big thing in the world of mobility, I would say, wearable apps. No! This isn’t my personal view, but latest trends are speaking so. However, with those wearable devices already being prominent in the market, there has been a significant lack of proper applications. Are you too looking for the perfect framework to develop such apps? You can consider ionic app development for best solution!

Wearable apps are those which run directly and efficiently on wearables, besides letting you access low-level hardware, services and activities on those very devices. Let me add, you need an upgraded SDK for this purpose.

Well, life is moving at such a fast pace that people want every convenience on the go – compact and efficient. So, developing an app that can match up to this requirement is quite a tricky job. I am not discouraging you. Rather, the only way you can ensure this is by choosing the right framework for wearables with best hybrid app development company.

hybrid app development coampany

First things first; are you wondering –

Why you should prefer ionic app development?

Don’t you want your application to run efficiently on wearable devices? If so, it is mainly important to develop it on a perfect framework.

Coming to ionic, in this framework, a combination of the three strong programming languages – HTML5, CSS and JavaScript can be used. This will further let you have the finest UI (User Interface) for target group. Basically it is an open source software development toolkit, used to develop hybrid apps.

Let me give you some reasons to choose ionic framework:

1. It’s easy to navigate across platforms of wearable devices
2. This framework is completely free. Give it a try!
3. Customize the app with The menus, themes, buttons and many other features
4. While open source is usually known to be instable, ionic framework is just the opposite. It’s highly stable.

Hope you are convinced with importance of ionic app development framework? Well, moving on to the next part – you, now, need to get hold of the right professionals for the job.

How would you choose the best wearable app development company?

I am sure, the following questions will help you hire the best developers. But before that; a company that develops hybrid applications for wearables can be the best professionals.

  • Do they help you conceptualize?

With their expertise, the best hybrid app development company will always help you conceptualize your idea and give it the perfect design to appeal your users.

  • Do they develop customized applications?

Before you choose a company, be very sure that they develop customized application to run on different wearable devices. Experienced developers are also capable of designing apps to run on advanced wearable gadgets.

  • Are they concerned about your business?

Try to get a positive answer to this query. The trustable companies would always develop state-of-the-art applications for wearable devices that would ultimately bring productive gains for your business.

I hope this helps! Knowing the importance of ionic framework, you can easily find the best hybrid app development company to design custom applications for wearable devices.

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