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Using a web application to navigate can turn out to be a nagging experience. More so if you have a data plan with a limit. The thing which pesters most is when the speed gets sluggish and load time for a page is agonizingly long. One optimal way to improve the overall functioning of your single page web app and experience of your end users is catering to services of an AngularJS development company.

A preferable Java Script framework!

AngularJS classifies as an effective JavaScript. It serves usage over a variety of framework namely

  • Meteor
  • Ember.js
  • Backbone.js

Simple in integration and easy to optimize, this is a prime SPA- Single Page Application.

As a point to remember- AngularJS has nothing to do with carrying out a closed DOM translation.


AngularJS Development Company

6 things to expect from a top-level AngularJS development company

Technology is changing rapidly with every tick of the clock. Every business regardless of scale is trying to take advantage of such new-gen technologies available on offer.

To all the technological options existing within the World Wide Web, AngularJS serves up the most amount of value. Due to this, most companies are giving importance and also taking up services of its service providers.

Take deep breaths and gaze what a notable AngularJS Development agency presents for your business.

1. 2-Way Data Binding

In every respect, this is one of the prime features every notable service provider renders. Their AngularJS technicians bring their knowledge and experience to the forefront, a present adequate project of models for application view and ensure that the projection is seamless and unproblematic.

2. Introduces you to MVVM architecture

The best companies introduce you to MVVM which denotes Model-View-ViewModel, a robust foundation for your application design. Using this architecture, their technicians lay down a strong foundation for your app and design development.

In addition to using MVVM framework, the best companies also eradicate MVC woes, usually taking place when you split your apps.

Most have a habit of splitting their app into MVC components and again bringing them or rather stitching them back. In many ways, this approach does present some degree of complication. But technicians of a notable AngularJS development company don’t implement MVC framework in a conventional way.

Rather, they use AngularJS mechanisms (abiding MVVM) and develop a kind of channel which syncs all these crucial components. On doing so, these technicians only split the components and that enables the framework to take care of itself all by its own.

3. A proper binding for managing DOM and data

It’s a taken fact that you want a desirable user-interface which seamlessly binds and transports data to DOM. A top-notch AngularJS development company with the help of this framework views, manages and monitors important data. Plus they also segregate the code and the controller to bring about your desiring UI.

4. Helps create a Single page with multi-viewing routing

One of the other major features which upscale AngularJS companies bestow you with is developing a SPA- Single Page App with vivid page routing conveniences. They also help set up a customizable template along with a viewing controller to see every single app feature in on a single page.

SPA is something which is fast rising in popularity, particularly since every soul wants a feel of intuitive smartphone apps. If you want your business app to be in high demand because of its convenience, then these companies can certainly help you out in this regard.

5. Smooth Communication with Multi-level servers

Knowledgeable technicians ensure your Single Page Application consists of a suave communication with numerous servers. They ensure the apt return of response on a regular basis using PROMISE interface.

For example- to present your users with one enthralling SPA experience- these technicians employ AngularJS with AJAX communication. Plus to make way for new models, these experts also render other rudimentary functions such as

  • Jsnop
  • Get
  • Post
  • Put
  • Delete

6. Flexibility with filters

Another thing which you as a business owner want in your app is flexibility! No need to worry, hiring a high-end AngularJS development company, presents your app with filters to sort out the data. In addition to these filtering options, their technicians also carry out other functions such as

  • Reversing an array order
  • Or configuring decimal places

These prove to be standalone features which will function appropriately and separately from your application.

These are some of the key services which you can expect to get on hiring a reliable AngularJS service provider. But keep in mind one crucial thing- you only get the best services from the best companies in the realm.

So, if you are clear of using AngularJS, then you have to find out a reliable development company first.

Going through online reviews and also browsing their website are good ways to go about things. And whilst you are scrutinizing sites of your short-listed companies, check for their client testimonials, their customer care service and their client index.

Ending Statement

Truth is spoken, there is no Holy Grail app framework. And ultimately it all boils down to your requirements and your budget.

But one cannot deny the benefits AngularJS holds and that it is maintained by none other than Google. It does offer an engaging end-user experience.
So, it wouldn’t be irrational to use it or at least give it a consideration for your app development.

When checking up online, you will find plenty of service providers offering trial versions of their AngularJS framework. So, what you can do is find out a reliable Angular JS development company, cater to its trial version (if they are offering) and familiarize yourself about its functioning mechanisms.

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‘Transition from cutting edge curiosity to practical work horse’-is what many new-gen stack development technologies promise. But very few are able to live up to it and drive the challenge. Of all the options which exist, one reliable option which occurs to most start-ups and enterprises is MEAN Stack Development. Perhaps this is what explains the cause why so many are hiring a MEAN Stack Development Company for their web and mobile app development operations.

If you are someone who has little know-hows about the rudiments of MEAN Stack as well as the benefits of hiring its service providers, then you have landed at the right blog. Read on and enlighten yourself!


MEAN Stack Development Company

What top companies mean by their MEAN services?

Simply putting it, MEAN is a horde of JavaScript Technologies which makes way for effective and countable web and mobile applications. It’s an accumulation of 4 popular web development frameworks!

High-end companies include in their MEAN services-


A NOSQL database, this framework makes use of JSON documents for proper representation of data. There is no existence of SQL database and choosing MongoDB means you are maintaining consistency by using just a single language for the entire process.


Primarily an HTTP server for developing web applications, it presents users essential modules and components to function on a common web task.

Providing you with a simple interface, it gives you the liberty to carry out end point requests and also handle your cookies.

Plus, it also enables easy REST routes, handles HTTP headers and supports Connect middleware with its plug-in sync functions for managing reactions and requests.


It’s a top-notch framework for developing intricate client-oriented apps using a data binding user-interface and modular code. It also serves utility when creating single page apps with MVC architecture.


This is also an open source cross platform put to use for developing durable and web applications.

Prior to execution, it compiles java script to its built-in machine code and also supports intuitive JavaScript libraries and modules making it highly supportive for easy and real-time applications.

Hopefully, now you have a fair idea about what is MEAN stack. Now let’s move over to the pros of hiring a good MEAN service provider. Keep on reading…!

Pros of Hiring a Good MEAN Stack Development Company

Upscale companies will surely include all these afore mentioned web development frameworks as their primary MEAN services.

But along with that they will also present some perks such as-

1. Cloud Compatibility

Top notch MEAN service providers ensure adequate cloud compatibility. And they do that through their optimal MongoDB functionality.

Their highly skillful technicians implement M of MEAN and spread it across the client server cluster offering ample failure support and auto replication.

2. Codes isomorphic in nature

A MEAN Stack Development Company gives you flexible MEAN-oriented apps. You will find coding very easy as they make use of similar JavaScript for the app.

If anything, top companies send out only one of their technicians to manage your complete project. Whether it’s moving from NodeJS to AngularJS, their technician will be able to manage it without headaches.

3. Apps supportive of MVC architecture

With the use of MEAN stack framework, these experts develop applications with faster loading time. They do this with the use of Model-View Controller architecture and integrate it within your app with the JavaScript framework.

4. Usage of high-end tools and technology

Another great benefit of hiring a MEAN stack development company they bring into their development process, the latest industry specific tools and technology apart from MEAN JS and Meteor. Some of the other high-end software which they bring into usage includes-

    • Apache, Ruby, and MySQL- for back end operations
    • HTML5, Ajax, XML, CSS3 and JSON – to carry out front-end tasks
    • And UI, UX, and Photoshop for performing upscale designing

However, that’s not all. Top-class MEAN developers also present

      • Adequate protection to all your important data
      • They ensure prompt and continuous communication all the time
      • Optimal quality and security of products with flexibility in hiring models
      • And daily reporting via written or oral interaction for your robust web and mobile app development

If MEAN is good, so is LAMP? But which is better in comparison?

This is a common subject which has been a subject of debate for a long time now! And though both MEAN and LAMP is had its individual high-points, in a recent survey it was found MEAN to be winning slightly in this popularity contest.

Does it mean an end to LAMP? Obviously not! It is still high in popularity in the web development circuitry. But in comparison MEAN in many ways proves to be an apt option for numerous start-ups businesses and enterprises.

What makes MEAN a better option?

Experts state that MEAN out-weighs LAMP simply by the fact that its JAVA script code is reusable by various servers as well as end-users.

Employing such JavaScripts for back as well as front end makes life very easy extremely easy to swap and switch between them. The entire workflow homogenizer giving developers the liberty to function on apps as a whole.

It is a fact that changing from PHP to Python and then utilizing HTML and JavaScripts is very daunting.

Most developers have a soft corner towards JavaScripts, and henceforth they recommend MEAN stacks as a more effective option to go with.

They also add choosing MEAN over LAMP allows the advantage of speedy data retrievals and flexibility in arrangements.

MEAN does more Meaningful stuff for your Business!

After going through all this, it is safe to declare that MEAN is the more adequate option for you. So without thinking too much into its variable options, simply look up online and find out a reliable MEAN Stack service companies for your business.

To know the best names, you can check out online reviews and make your own short list.

      • Once you have the 5 best options, conduct manual scrutiny by paying their website visitations and checking out their services.
      • Also, eyeball their years of experience in MEAN stack development operations and the number of clients they have served over their servitude.
      • For more closure, you can use their contact details and have a word with their representative, lay down your app requirements and affirm if they are competent enough to help you out.

Options concerning a MEAN stack development company are available in plenty. So you will not find scarcity in options. Simply make use of these choosing tips and hire one immediately.

Why Aglowid IT Solutions?

Aglowid IT Solutions is a top digital IT company known for a vast array of next-gen development services. It is also one of the leading MEAN Stack Development Company. Ever since its inception in 2011, they have given high priority to quality in offering their services. To know more about their MEAN stack solutions have a word with their experts at!

The dynamic web app is the way to go in this tech savvy and gizmo laden world. With smartphone apps getting larger and larger in size day by day, it is a common problem for internal spaces to run out of memory in no time. Keeping in mind this problem and to find a permanent solution, the concept of dynamic web apps came to the picture. And what be better than AngularJS to design these apps? Thus comes the need to hire angularJS developer.

hire angularJS developer

What is the significance of Angular JS?

Under present times, AngularJS is one of the fastest web application frameworks in existence. It is structural in nature and enables the usage of HTML as your template language. Moreover, with AngularJS, you can extend its possibilities as an attempt to express application details succinctly.

The biggest perk with this language is perhaps its dependency injection and data binding capabilities. It helps in reducing the amount of writable code significantly thus reducing development time substantially.

How to Hire AngularJS Developer for Your Project?

Developing a web application for your website is always critical given Google’s current SEO standards. It will help your website, as well as services, reach the masses without eating up considerable space in their smartphones or tablets.

However, choosing a developing team or company for your purpose may be a bit tricky. It involves analyzing certain intricate factors which include the credibility as well as the authenticity of a venture. The primary considerations being experience and past feedbacks!

Experience matters in every way and defines his/her proficiency in the development process. Customer feedbacks, on the other hand, help a new client analyze a company’s authenticity as well as its quality of work.

Does your developer embrace a modular approach?

Developing and formulating a project through a modular reduce development time considerably. This is because a single project divides itself into multiple parts or modules. A group of coders develop each section and conjoins them once they are rendered bug-free. This is called unit testing.

If you hire AngularJS developer, make use this modularity is a part of their process. This will also prove beneficial not only in external code management but also in handling internal libraries of the class file. However, you should provide your development team with a large project which has provisions for modulations. Only then does this approach take shape.

Does the end product reduce web page load time?

AngularJS is essentially an extension of JavaScript. Its primary utility is to design impeccable front end apps that are fast and experience minimum load time. Reducing load time is an essential aspect when it comes to proper Search Engine Optimizations.

As per stats, the average waiting time for a person comes to around 3-4 seconds. After this, he or she moves onto a different link. So, you lose a visitor and in turn a potential customer. This is known as bounce rate.

So, site optimization is necessary and this possible only through proficient development hands. A reduction in load time will reduce bounce rate; thereby escalating customer base and providing a surge in SERP ratings. This is a crucial factor while you hire Angular JS programmer.

Are resulting web apps responsive in nature?

With the recent boom of smartphones and tablets, web browsing has come down predominantly to on the go gadgets. The trend has been such that even Google now acknowledges mobile sites for ranking a venture before its desktop counterparts.

Therefore, under such circumstances, it becomes exceedingly crucial for you to develop responsive web apps for your service. In simple words, responsive web apps are those that automatically fit and adhere to displays of all sizes and all resolutions.

The effort to browse a desktop site on phones reduces readability which in turn increases bounce rate. Thus, you lose out on customer base thereby garnering negative feedback or even de ranking from Google.

Is your developer employing directives?

The power to visualize UI components is one of the most intriguing features of AngularJS. When you hire Angular JS programmer, be sure your developer makes proper use of such components and directives to give your web app an intriguing look.

Be it a web app, a website or a smartphone app, a user-friendly URL is necessary in order to attract more potential customers. The proper use and implementation of directives make this possible. However, you must ensure to hire the best of the developers to realize this process.

A concluding scenario:-

As of now, AngularJS is one of the most popular front end development procedures currently in existence. The need to hire AngularJS developer is of grave importance considering an intensive market competition in the World Wide Web Consortium.

Why go for Aglowid IT Solutions?

Aglowid IT Solutions is one of the most proficient names when it comes to AngularJS development. Their happy customers vouch for their quality through their testimonials and recommend this company to one and all. Their proficient experts have substantial years of experience; they utilize it to attain the best results when you choose to hire AngularJS programmer with them at

Update on AngularJS Development!

Hi! Are you people aware of the news? Angular 4 beta is in! It was back in the previous year when we got this update that Google has straightway jumped on to Angular 4. So, before you hire professionals for AngularJS Development, check out what’s latest in the IT world.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new version of the framework for your web applications. Keep scrolling!

The fate of the Angular version 3

AngularJS Development

Currently, 3.x space is used by the Angular Router version. However, it is not yet synchronized with other versions of Angular which are using 2.x space. Hence, if we want to sync them again, we need to forget Angular 3 and rather, go for the latest version – Angular 4.

Earlier, it was surprising when Google declared that they would be releasing Angular 3. But, now, the search engine giant has straight way hopped to v4.

The information was released at the Angular conference

The information was announced by Igor Minar, Google’s Angular Team Leader, at NG-BE 2016 conference in Belgium. Wondering why this jump? Here’s their explanation –

We did so to correlate the upgrades with v4 Angular Router that has been planned for usage.

Not just that, but the company has scheduled 8 beta releases between the months of December and February. They are constantly bringing in these updates for AngularJS Development professionals to work on this framework with exciting features along with more bug fixes.

#Quick notes

A. Since middle of Dec, 2016, there have been 6 beta versions launched

B. The latest, beta 5, was released on 25th of January, 2017

C. As Igor stated, there will be minimal breaking changes in the further releases

We’ll call it simply ‘Angular’

That’s what Minar has suggested. This would be too confusing to name Angular 2 or Angular JS as there will be so many versions; so, they have preferred to name it just ‘Angular’.

Google has prepared an aggressive plan!

Relax! Updates are not going to come every other week as it sounds. Rather, the successful company as it is, they have prepared a tentative time chart.

  • Around October 2017, Angular 5
  • Angular 6 in the next 6 months
  • Angular 7 scheduled in October 2018.

So, that’s how the plan goes!

Now the question – what’s the goal?

The goal is to enhance compiler error messages and augment backward-compatibility with Angular 2 version.

Professionals of AngularJS Development have to be well updated regarding these advancements and launches. Oh! You don’t speak tech? Just make sure to contact a proficient IT solutions company who are efficient in working with such latest changes and they’ll do the rest for your company’s web apps.

Aglowid IT Solutions is your answer:

The best part about Aglowid IT Solutions is that they have a separate R&D team who constantly works on the newest updates. The professionals are highly efficient and experienced in offering you quality service. They offer customized web development projects for clients for catering to all your business requirements.

Contact Aglowid IT Solutions at and check out what’s in store for you on AngularJS Development.