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Tring–tring! What’s ringing in the tech world? Well…well, I’ll say! JQuery JavaScript library that was a part of the default Rails stack, has been removed. It’s been 12+ years now that this Ruby on Rails framework is doing around, but this latest up gradation is in support of Ruby gem (rails-ujs) that uses vanilla JavaScript.

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“But why did they remove it?”

Is the same question popping in your mind? Let me quote David Heinemeier Hansson, the founder of ROR:

jQuery is no more as grave for ROR as it was. The JavaScript library was mainly used for covering up the variances in browsers, but the fact is, the differences no longer exist to the same degree.”

He did elaborate further; there is a built-in feature in ROR that depends on regular JavaScript used by the new gem.

What’s New?

jQuery has been handling activities like document traversal and manipulation, HTML and event handling, being a staple of Rails for years now. Guess what; a W3techs survey revealed that around 96.4% websites use this JavaScript library.

Now, going through the latest news, here’s what I got. I am sure you know that lot of features in Ruby on Rails use JavaScript under the same umbrella. Regarding this, GitHub has received a pull request for including rails-ujs in the latest applications through Action View and removing jQuery-rails.


Do you know what a pull request is?

Pull request is that feature through which developers get informed and can discuss a proposed change on GitHub. They can also review with collaborators regarding the potential alterations before integrating them in the final venture.

Not clear, yet? Okay! Assume you are a developer and want to make some changes in a particular project. Through this mechanism of pull request, you can inform your team members using your Bitbucket account. You can discuss to review it and finally merge the code with its master division.

It’s a dedicated, user-friendly web-forum. Hope, I could clear it now!

Coming to new, rail-ujs is the replacement! Rails-ujs was developed during the Google Summer of Code event by Dangyi Liu.

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