Do you know why developers today are insisting more on Ruby on Rails development for mobile applications? Well, the major reasons are.

  • It reduces your cost of development
  • Also, it saves time by 50%

Using Ruby on Rails or ROR as an API is like half the way to developing a successful mobile app for your business. Presently, if you take a look around, from startups to established emporiums, all are leveraging the power of Ruby for escalating productivity.

ruby on rails for mobile application development

Let’s understand what API application means traditionally

Usually, Rails as API means using an API that is programmatically accessible besides their web applications. However, with the client-side frameworks today, developers are now using ROR for building a back-end. They share it between native and web applications.

In fact, ROR is a perfect back-end application used for mobile apps with its RESTful conventions that are well defined. It ultimately makes your software user-friendly for mobile devices.

Choosing Ruby on Rails for mobile apps

Let’s accept it; superior websites and robust applications are ruling this era. So, in no way can you compromise with performance and quality. This is where ROR continues to be the safer choice for your next mobile app development project. The fact is, rails as the hottest new framework that maintains its relevance with expedient APIs, unlike others.

To boost a mobile application’s performance, Ruby on Rails allows you to distinguish the back-end with the front-end.

Some of the notable benefits of Rails as an API

  1. Applications built on rails support transparent reloading. This is a major advantage for bigger mobile apps as restarting the server with every new request is practically not viable.
  2. The conversion into GET requests from HEAD requests is transparent with rails. In the process, it just returns the headers, making HEAD work in all the Rails APIs reliably.
  3. With Rails applications, development is a pleasant experience for the smart defaults that it comes with.
  4. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you literally don’t need any third party support for building your play apps or own plug.
  5. Again, with ROR, you don’t have to start everything from the scratch as developers can use the existing elements efficiently.
  6. Developing a mobile app on Ruby on Rails makes it more expandable and multipurpose, both at the same time. So, just by hiring an ROR development company, you can take the maximum advantage of these features.

Hence, no matter how many latest technologies are getting introduced, Ruby on Rails development continues to remain the most preferred option for mobile apps.

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