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Every website in this world runs on two major factors – client and server. And when talking of Node JS, this factor becomes predominantly pronounced. It is essentially a cross-platform, open source runtime environment that finds significant use in developing networking as well as server-side applications. Node JS 8, the latest iteration brings with it a horde of new features, which escalates server-side developments to a whole new level. It will also reflect why you should hire NodeJS developer for your next project.

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5 intricacies and features of NodeJS

The eighth iteration of NodeJS comes with a long-term support or LTS by the name of Carbon. In simple words, it will now assist WHATWG URL parser, async_hooks, JD Binding and zero filling buffers to name a few. So, it is now time to throw light on some of the new features that make NodeJS an ideal choice for server-side or network-based developments.

1. Benefits of N-API

Native add-ons are one of the vital aspects of development in a web application and N-API makes that possible. N-API renders itself free from underlying JavaScript; which prevents users from making unprecedented changes in the JavaScript engine.

Contacting a NodeJS development company will also allow its developers to keep the ABI (Application Binary Interface) in a stable state. Now, native addons can function on variable NodeJS versions eliminating any need for recompilations. Microsoft’s Chakra-Core will also allow this addon to function against its backdrop with an API.

2. The Async Hooks API

The primary use of Async Hooks is to get live update on working objects through structural tracing. Also known as AsyncWrap (former nomenclature) can also maneuver its loop functions. A couple of notable features include.

  • With this API, a developer can get continual local storage through one’s NPM package relating directly to the hub.

  • Independency of elimination of 3rd party library from having possession of a code’s control flow.

3. Buffer Security enhancements

Both the zero filling buffers and new buffer get security advancements from this new NodeJS 8. Unlike previous iterations, this version initializes default values of buffers to zero; thus protecting all sensitive information stored inside. This is one of the crucial factors to hire NodeJS developer so as to assimilate both buffers from multiple aspects.

Buffer security turns out to be integral for networking as well. It blocks any possibilities of network breaches and hence acts as a security layer on top of other assimilations.

4. WHATWG URL – the implementation

Nonexperimental API support is what WHATWG URL looks to achieve in NodeJS 8. To put it simply, it aligns with the API and URL implementation; makes it accessible through all major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Any NodeJS development company will also take into account, the functions and methods that line WHATWG URL. Working on the server side platform, it offers developers the chance to ponder on the main server implementations that come with WHATWG URL.

5. Upgrades with Ignition and Turbo Fan

NodeJS needed a new compiler/ interpreter duo. With almost three years of hardships, this came into existence through Ignition and TurboFan. While the latter finds use as an optimizing compiler, Ignition is predominantly a V8 interpreter. This will ensure you better results.

The most significant benefit of TurboFan is that opts for memory optimization and enables NodeJS apps to develop quicker. Moreover, it is also helping in substantial JavaScript optimization. This has come to life after amending the crankshaft as well as a Full-code generator.

Some more functionalities and features

Gone are the days, when NodeJS would collapse while trying to amend a console output to its underlying stream. Today, when you hire NodeJS developer for your server-side development, console process suppresses any such mishaps. It helps in securing the API as well.

Another major development that may intrigue you is the introduction of NPM 5. It comes as a default; users do not require creating NPM-shrinkwrap.json now, the process automatically develops package-lock.json. It also provides the liberty of selecting installable registries. NPM 5 now installs only selective registries and not all in one.

This new NodeJS 8 allows the buffer to work in a CI environment. So, NodeJS will now be able to send warnings or alerts when the buffer num has exhausted. It is the primary instigation step for any NodeJS development company.

Node JS 8 with its new features and amendments looks promising to developers. Its dynamic framework also allows efficient development of server side as well as networking web applications.

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Every webpage consists of two parts – server side development and client side development. The server manages intricacies of database and web server while the client side manages webpage dynamics and works mainly on the front end of the software or website. NodeJS development is one such server-side approach that allows developers to develop a web server using this open source platform. Moreover, with NodeJS 8 released in the market, server side development has received a new dimension.

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Logical implementation of NodeJS

NodeJS is a cross-platform open source environment that finds use in the development of web servers using JavaScript. Although JavaScript is mainly preferred for client side coding, NodeJS combines JS with HTML to create dynamic web pages and enables efficient content management.

The new NodeJS 8 comes with a shorter as well as a longer version. Both of them finds use in specific regions with longer NodeJS 8 being the dominant one. However, if you wish to hire NodeJS developer, it is important to take a look at its important features.

1. Fast response

NodeJS 8 delivers itself on Java Script’s Chrome V8 engine making it extremely fast and nimble. These allow efficient NodeJS development and ensure lag-free softwares and web pages.

2. Drives on events

NodeJS uses non-blocking or asynchronous mode of APIs. In other words, an API does not affect the return rate (number of APIs returning per minute) of a NodeJS server. Once, an API call is successful, the server moves to the next API via a notification mechanism. This mechanism also helps its server to receive via response call from the previous API.

3. High scalability

Event looping is the generous mechanism that NodeJS 8 opts for. It runs on a single thread model. By scalable, it means that the server of NodeJS responds through a non-blocking manner that accounts for a highly scalable web page or software.

4. Licensing

NodeJS 8 is pertinent to the MIT license which accounts for its credibility and trustability.

Who can hire NodeJS developer?

Be it an eCommerce venture or a payment gateway; every site can opt for NodeJS server side developments. The main reason is its reliability and fast processing speed. A payment gateway or an eCommerce website will always want to have a fast and reliable server side application. Server delays are disadvantageous and can lead to loss of potential customers. Therefore, NodeJS finds a variety of use.

Reason to opt for NodeJS development

NodeJS finds its main use in developing custom website development. There is a plethora of reasons to opt for NodeJS, some of them are:-

  • Rapid development

Everyone needs a fast development procedure. NodeJS provides a quickly scalable web development procedure by the use of an event loop. This reduced the requirement of including new threads thereby reducing complexities.

  • Data sync

Since, NodeJS allows users to script code both on the client as well as the server side, therefore, it facilitates the rapid transfer of data between the client and server.

  • Effective sharing

This platform allows sharing of library code packages. Therefore, developers can resolve any crunch situations efficiently without rendering any complexities.

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