Heard of Hulu, Twitter, Basecamp or even Groupon? Of course, you have. But do you know that they use Ruby on Rails as their development tool? Yes, along with these, most other major companies prefer this framework to set their online business in motion. Ruby on Rails just did not become a hot trend and enchant all those developers out there. Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development is what makes it stand tall against Symfony or Django.

Ruby On Rails Development

What is Ruby on Rails?

Rail is the development tool which provides a framework for a web page, while Ruby is the programming code which is used with it. Just like PHP with Symfony and Python with Django. It is based on the “convention over configuration” principle that cuts away developer’s time to create a code. Ruby comes with a preloaded set of conventions which can be used to configure files.

Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development

Here are 6 listed advantages of using Ruby on Rails over other similar applications.

1. The framework is free of cost

And this is one of the main reasons why most major online players opt for this. This open source web development tool runs on Linux, both of which does not require a single penny. Also, known formats make things easier for the developer to work on.

2. It’s not time-consuming

Your web page based on Ruby on Rails will be up and going in no time. While it may take 12 weeks to develop a page using PHP or Python, Ruby on Rails can do the job in just 6 weeks. This is certainly a significant advantage while creating big web pages.

3. Coding is shift-able

If one developer creates a web page, it can easily be debugged by another. Ruby on Rails makes use of a convention that facilitates this. Every project is based on the same structure and same coding formats.

4. Simple and Readable

When a web development tool guarantees this, it just means one thing – increased productivity. With easy-to-frame and read codes, detecting faults and debugging becomes quite easy. Plus, Ruby on Rails allows you to create compact and crisp codes.

5. Create your own blocks

This is another of the benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development. This toolkit allows you to create your own play and plug apps. This way, you can create a custom code for your current project and later use it in another. Hence, your applications now become multipurpose.

6. Open source with a large community

Last, but not the least. A lot of help will be available while developing your web page. Online tutorials, discussion forums, social media pages and expert blogs, dedicated only for Ruby on Rails. This will allow you to solve a hiccup quickly and carry on with your development process.

No doubt Ruby on Rails has become an internet sensation (pun intended). Most companies will look at you for your Ruby on Rails development skills as many, till date, fight over using PHP and Python. Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web development are priceless (again a pun!) and it’s here to stay. More details? Feel free to contact Aglowid IT Solutions at